Super Powers

Caroline County Public Schools has chosen the theme, “”Show your Super Powers” for the school year. The students are really enjoying the creative way all the adults involved throughout the county are embracing this theme and running with it.

I remember when I was just starting my school career, every day, after school, my best friend and I would go to one house or the other and stand in front of the television set. He would be “Batman” and I would be “Robin”. We would tie “capes” around our necks and “fight the bad guys”, along with the characters on the television show. As I reminiscence, I remember learning to read: Bam. Pow. and Boom”, as Batman or Robin made a punch to the Joker, Riddler or Penguin.

As a Special Educator, sometimes, I revert back to those early days, remembering how much fun it was to “fight the bad guys” and “see Justice prevail”. My students are now my Superheroes. Many of them have to fight more than one “bad guy” in order to make it through their day. Their villains happen to be a little different than the villains of other children. They might have to learn to negotiate a building without the ability to see, walk or understand what other children are saying to them. My students might not be able to use their words to tell others what they need, or how they feel. Sometimes, their villains are the very words or numbers, on the page, that they might have to conquer. However, every. single. day. I see these Superheroes fighting the “bad guys” and feeling successes, all along the way.

As we are finishing up the first quarter of our school year, let’s all take a lesson from these strong young men and women. Let’s say, “Practice makes progress” and keep ” fighting the bad guys:.